On the Way to the Wedding

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True love exists in the world but it is slowly going extinct because people are losing interest in it. Still, conventional people like Gregory Bridgerton have firm faith that there is one for everyone who can solace the heart. In search of his dream girl Gregory moves here and there but fails to find her. The thing he is sure of is that whenever he will find the right girl for himself he will get the hint straight away. When he sees Hermione Watson he is dead sure that she is the one he was looking for but when he goes closer to her he comes to know that she is engaged.

Hermione’s friend thinks that she has selected the wrong man for herself and that’s why she wants to save her from the wedding. Lucy sees Gregory’s interest in her friend and thinks that she can save her friend if somehow she can establish contact between the two.

The more she tries the harder it becomes for Lucy to prepare Gregory for her friend because she gets entangled in his love. Although she is engaged and cannot run away from that relation she still cannot restrain her heart from loving Gregory. Gregory too realizes much later that he loved Lucy and not Hermione but until then it is too late.

Author Julia Quinn makes Gregory perform a tough feat when he tries to become the groom of Lucy on her wedding day. Fun was missing in The Viscount Who Loved Me and An Offer from a Gentleman but this one had light-hearted laughs and some pinching situations along with it narrated by Rosalyn Landor again. The concept of love, at first sight, is rejected here because both the lovers realize their condition after a long time.

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    1. This copy is an older version, and is narrated by Simon Vance. He’s great! Just be aware that the audio quality is cassette, not CD or mp3. 🙂 I really like Simon Vance and I grew up on cassette tapes so it works for me.


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