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Sensational love stories are hard to find these days in the world where fiction is on the rise but thank God the authors like Josie Silver create books like The Two Lives of Lydia Bird. In the previous book Josie made love reach to the point of ecstasy and the main girl was really torn between the two worlds.

Laurie here in this novel does not believe all that old thoughts about love at first sight. She has read about it in the books and seen it on television but it is not real of course, no one can get engaged to a man by just seeing him for the first time. That was Laurie’s opinion before that miracle happened when she saw the one made for her.

She just saw him through the window of the bus and her eyes could portray his face afterwards in night and in the day even. A whole year is passed after that in a search for the man but he is nowhere to be found and when he is finally found Laurie comes to know that he is already booked. Sarah happens to be Laurie’s best friend in the city and she tells Laurie that Jack is her new boyfriend.

The trio spends a decade together but all the moments in that time span are not pleasant. They enjoy each other’s company but at the same time fate really plays its magic over their lives in its own way. Eleanor Tomlinson’s voice was not enough for narrating this book so Charlie Anson is a nice addition along with Eleanor. Both of the narrators really remain busy throughout because there are detailed chat and talk between characters in the novel.

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