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Sandra Brown, the author of this book definitely knows the idea about keeping the listeners to the edge of their seats. This is exactly what you will witness in this crime story where murder becomes a mystery and looks impossible to get solved, until Drex Easton, the FBI agent comes to the investigation scene.

The audio of this book is powered by Victor Slezak, who is famous for her excellent understanding of the characters and the nature of the scene, while putting his voice to perfection.

The super FBI agent, Drex has just one thing in mind, which is to outclass the conman, known as Weston Graham, which was his last known name. Over a period of 30 years, Weston has a number of aliases and countless disguises, which let him lure as many as 8 super wealthy women from their fortunes.

All those women got disappeared and their families had absolutely no answer, while the authorities were clueless as well. The only common sign for all victims was that they all got introduced to a new man in their life, who also disappeared leaving no clue behind, apart from a signature custom.

Drex was fully convinced that all those disappeared women were killed and Weston was responsible for it. But, every time Drex gets close to the conclusion, Weston disguise himself into a totally different person and disappears again. But, this time after a long chase, Drex was thinking a step ahead of Weston and is quite close to catching him.

Do read out a couple of other excellent books by Sandra Brown, by the names of White Hot and Seeing Red, which is as thought-provoking as any suspense novel you would ever come across.




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