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Military tales usually promise action all the way but this one is related to the intelligence of the military officer as well who comes to know about a conspiracy on another planet a bit far from his own. The novel is also loaded with intergalactic stuff and travelling of people from one planet to the other and meeting with different races and different species having their own customs and traditions.

Colonel Carl Butler is called to duty after his retirement as he was one of the best during his days of service when he used to petrol all the planets of the galaxy. When he is recalled to duty he rejoins at once because the duty does not seem to be very tough, it consisted of routine tours to distant planets for routine investigations but these routine investigation turn out be a mission of first rank when the conspiracy against the military and the government is revealed.

The big maze that the planet provides to the people that land on it is the most fascinating thing present in the novel as in increases the feeling of awe and the more the officers want to get away from it the more they feel themselves entrapped in the labyrinth. Michael Mammy with the help of R.C. Bray in the narration has portrayed a war zone that is quite unique in nature; there are mysteries on each step as soon as you land on the planet.

The evil forces are also darker than ever because they don’t reveal themselves to the troops at once. The language is simple but still quite expressive and the novel also gives a tone of haste in its progress that makes the listener excited to listen to the whole story in a single go.   



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