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    Another one from R .J. Palacio wonder stories and the next in the series of Auggie Pullman, the boy born with a different look because of which people all the time look at him differently. The story takes us back to Auggie’s past of which we were not given any sort of information in the previous story as what has happened to him as a result of which he has become such an odd figure if the deformity is there right from the birth why he never tried to solve the problem by taking the help of the medical science. Christopher an old friend of Auggie starts telling us the past or Auggie’s life before coming to Beecher Prep. Christopher has been with Auggie right from childhood and is perhaps his only friend he has been there during the time of all the surgeries that Auggie has undergone with no improvement in the result at all.

    Pluto Audiobook

    The story goes back and forth, sometimes we are in the present and the next step takes us back into the imaginative world of two boys who are traveling to reach Pluto. Christopher is the sign of hope in all this negativity, he is ready to show the world what true friendship really is by showing his love and friendly behavior toward the face that is difficult to digest in the first confrontation. The writer has surely created a wonder for Auggie in the world that has totally rejected him in the form of a friend who knows him right from childhood. The narration is by Scott Merriman goes with the same tone but the intensity is enough to make you fall for it. You may like to listen and enjoy the books including Auggie & Me and We’re All Wonders that adds to the wonderful journey carried along by the author in all of the books in this series.

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