Portrait of a Spy

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It is not always you see a high-ranked officer failing in a job especially if his name is Gabriel Allon. But no one is perfect in this world and a single man cannot be present everywhere all the time as that is the difference between God and man.

Daniel Silva has never talked about Gabriel’s failure in a mission before, the author wanted to induce a new thing in this chapter. It was a suicidal bomber whom Gabriel had to stop at any rate but he failed. Now Gabriel is given another assignment that is linked to the world of Islam once again. He has to go to Yemen to destroy a secret organization that has been producing terrorists for the past many years.

The thing is not easy because the organization is deeply rooted and finding all the branches in one place might not be easy. Gabriel has a deadly plan in his mind as he wants to work like a neutron i.e destroying the organization by bringing down its nucleus. This motive can only be achieved from the inside so he plans to join the enemy through his connections.

The introduction of a girl in a major role was also something new in this episode. Previously girls were not given major roles in The Order and The Kill Artist.  Here the girl is not only an ally to Gabriel but she is also the daughter of his enemy which makes her a treat too. Narrator Simon Vance shows the alarm in Gabriel’s voice whenever he talks to the girl. But the hero has to take this risk if he wants to bring the whole network down forever.

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