Protect and Defend

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Vince Flynn is back again surprising his listeners with yet another powerful story. It is really amazing to find out that how the author is able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm in each and every chapter of his Mitch Rapp novel series. This book, Protect and Defend is the 10th book from the mentioned series, which is based on crime mystery thriller.

Suspense is at its peak in this novel and will keep you hooked right till its end. George Guidall has done a fantastic job as a narrator of this novel with his soulful and highly expressive voice.

The subject novel is regarded as the most explosive one so far by the author, which is based on a political thriller storyline. The action of this story begins right at the core of Iran. Iran was investing billions of dollars to come up with a successful nuclear program. Israel without taking consent of its neighboring enemy country and the international community launched a very daring attack on Iran. Israel actually left a radioactive bomb in the 2nd largest city of Iran. The Iranian government without any doubt blamed USA and Israel for all the chaos and subsequently demanded retribution.

Things really started to get heated up and soon Mitch Rapp comes to the scene. Josh Alexander, the president of USA was convinced by Mitch Rapp to sign off a very daring and a risky operation against Iran.

Lethal Agent and Red War novels have done a great deal of work in enhancing the graph of Vince Flynn as a quality writer. The books are from the Mitch Rapp novel series and you will surely have a good time going through these novels.






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