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Nora Roberts doesn’t leave any opportunity to stun her followers with exceptional novels produced, one after the other. Pubic Secrets is another sensation from the author in her ongoing stint of crafting highly engaging and successful novels. It is a romantic novel with an element of suspense as well that stretches till the end of the story, when it is revealed. Renee Raudman has done the narration of this novel, which was highly powerful and engaging for the audience.

The best-selling author of New York Times, Nora Roberts comes up with a brilliant novel this time and blends suspense and romance together. The story is of a woman whose, marriage, career and her entire life is threatened with the secrets about her own past.

Emma McAvoy is that woman and the central character of this novel. She might have grown up in all importance and under the limelight, but some of her life secrets are hidden deep down in the darkness, where no light can reach at all. Now, just at the brink of a successful career and getting the love of her life and dreams. She is truly and excitingly looking for the future. Yet, it I her past and a number of secrets, which are about to catchup up Emma.

The childhood of Emma was just like a fairy tale, but only until the tragic night for her family, which changed everything. But what Emma McAvoy thinks that she knows and the person she is about to marry is nothing, but half the truth only. A lot is hidden for everyone around her.

The Liar and Whiskey Beach books written by Nora Roberts are beautiful and worthy of all your time.





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