Ready Player Two

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Ready player two Book two is back with a bang. As we know Ernest Cline an American author with top expertise in science fiction fantasies could give the best to the readers in many ways. As he is also a screenwriter and a slam poet you can expect the best. This book series became equally successful in audio version as much as it was in print. A good part of the credit for the success of the audio version goes to Will Wheaton. He is an experienced narrator of multiple audiobooks. He was able to convey the true essence of the characters and was able to make a connection with the audience.

The Ready Player Two is the second installment in the ready Player One novel series. The technological discoveries and adventures of Wade Watt in this novel will stun you. This novel was highly anticipated after the grand opening offered by the Ready Player One novel. One more top novel by Ernest Cline is Armada, which is a must-listen as well in audio format.

Wade Watts announces himself with a top discovery that changes almost everything around him. It was just a few days after winning the content of OASIS founder James Halliday. A technological advancement lies hidden within the vaults of Halliday and waiting desperately for the next heir in line.

The discovery has the potential to change the entire world and also making the OASIS thousand times more astounding. However, a riddle is also triggered with the discovery along with a novice quest as well. The last of the Easter egg is now hinting at a very surprising and mysterious prize. Then comes the new rivals making the life of Wade and the future of OASIS at stake again.

The first part of this novel, especially for a sequel was too slow. The audience had higher expectations after the first one, but it didn’t work out quite well for the author. The ending was quite predictable too.




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    4 thoughts on “Ready Player Two”

    1. Will Wheaton does a great reading with this audio book and its quality is fantastic (nice, crisp and no static).

      Overall the book was ok. Takes a good dark twist to the first book but IMO not as entertaining as RPO and in time felt rushed to completion.


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