Red Clocks

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The story is again on a bold topic, it has been a while since someone has once again given importance to the women their thinking and their view towards being a mother which for some is a holy joy for others it’s just a burden which the women carry even when they are least interested in it.

Leni Zumas tells us about the women in America who once again face the rule according to which abortion becomes illegal once again, The writer quite nicely describes five different characters all of them women of course that are facing the situation in which they need an abortion. The question is that the government has given rights to the embryo but where the rights of those women who are conceiving these babies are, are their will not important at all.

‘Red Clocks,’ by Leni Zumas.

All the five women have different situation which they are dealing with in life which makes us watch five different tales in the single novel, for example, Ro is a teacher who wants a baby, Susan, on the other hand, is just trying to keep up with the marriage that is sooner or later going to end in a disaster, Mattie is Ro’s friend and student Gin is the crazy witch hunter of the present era and then there is Eivor the one with polar exploration experience.

All the five women a pregnant and have their own battles to fight in a world in which they cannot even resort to abortion as the final deposition of their problem. There are two narrators Karissa Vacker, Erin Bennett and they have done an excellent job in the narration department.More stories like Gone (Gone #1) – Michael Grant and Monster (Gone #7) – Michael Grant would be great to listen for a more surprising and thrilling experience.






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