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Legends from the world of fiction combine to compose this book with twenty-one stories in it. George R.R. Martin combines with names like Neil Gaiman, Gardner Dozois, and Gillian Flynn to construct things like A Game of Thrones once again. Picking up any one of the stories is like selecting to enter a new domain of fiction and action. The listener is drifted into the story by the characters and then comes out of the story at the ending line. All of the stories narrated by Roy Dotrice, Ron Donachie, Julia Whelan, and George R.R. Martin are not moral tales at all but still, there are messages for people belonging to different classes.

Monsters hidden in the stories don’t appear at once to scare the audience rather the opening chapters first let us in very lovingly and then when the door is shut everything goes upside down. “Astonish” is a very small word for this kind of book because it at most of the stages makes your hair stand straight. Humor and fun also get some space between the stories but it has not remained the chief factor of the book. To relax the audience the authors have given some time to extra stuff to release the tension.

Not many stories for the kids are found in the book, if a kid is a fiction fan then he can find a few of his liking in it. George R.R. Martin remains in the spotlight in writing and narration but the rest of the fellows have contributed equally well in everything and they too cannot be ignored at any rate.

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