Rogues of the Republic (1-3)

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It’s a fine trilogy based mostly on the world of magic where strange things happen all of a sudden and strange people appear out of nowhere and can change the whole course of the war that started in the middle of the series. Other books that the author has written with great passion and heart touching stories include The Masked Empire: Dragon Age, Book 4 – Patrick Weekes and The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic, Book 1) – Patrick Weekes.

In this series the first part of the series starts when Loch is robbed of her family treasure and is thrown into the dungeon by a powerful enemy from the republic.

He took her manuscript that belonged to her family since ages and now he possessed the power to do the unthinkable. Loch succeeds in forming a team of her own which has strange characters with different powers of their own and starts her mission from the floating fortress and faces things magic hunting golems and sorcerers.

In the end of this part she emerges as a perfect planner that beats all in the war game. The second part again starts with the introduction of a book written by the elves that have naughty poems but it actually proves to be a book of spells that could affect the war and peace situations of the world. Both the groups this time want the book for their own purpose and they are ready to steal the book even when they know that is now honor in it.

The last part is again a war for survival and Loch plays a key role with her team to stop the war if they cannot win it. Patrick Weekes has written a very compact series with no lope holes and the narration by Justine Eyre is just terrific to hear, each part is well associated with the previous one and the link continues till the end.       









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