Sarah, Plain and Tall Audiobook

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Sarah, Plain and Tall Audiobook

The story is somewhat emotional and brings in a lot of heartwarming situations that keep the listeners involved the whole time they listen to it.  Patricia MacLachlan has made a great effort to describe the way kids have their lives at the risk of getting love from an unknown person who they just have met. It is the story written around the life of a Father who has two kids named Anna and Caleb and now has called for helping him out in his widowed life. He asks a woman named Sarah who is tall, plain and comes to the family with gifts and love. The kids want her to stay with them so that they would be together for good.

But they are still in a position that they never are confirmed if she would stay or not. Glenn Close has given life to each and every moment in the story to let everyone feel like they are feeling what the kids feel and they are getting what they try to say to Sarah.

They are seeing the bright and happy life together but still not sure if she would like to stay with them or not. They hope for the best and see what if she could feel what they are expecting.

It is truly a heartwarming situation where kids need to tell the new lady about how they need her and still wait for the decision whether she would stay there would like them as her family. Other stories similar to this one include More Perfect than the Moon and Sarah, Plain and Tall Audio Collection that most listeners would enjoy.



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