Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

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Paksenarrion though born in the house of a farmer does not like the family trade and traditions. A robotic life on the farm with no chance to rise appears to be a stupid thing for her. The girl wants to rise in status and wants to perform heroic deeds in order to become famous. She just cannot do all of that while living in her house because her family has selected something else for her. Her father wants her to marry a pig farmer after which she would become the owner of his farm.

Spending a life among the pigs is the worst that can happen to Paksenarrion and she thinks that it is equal to capital punishment for her. Thus she revolts against all of that and starts her adventure life that she loved so much since her childhood. Gaining more and more success in the field because of her passion Paksenarrion soon gains enough power that she can overthrow a king if she wants to.

Elizabeth Moon provides Paksenarrion a significant mission at this spot that would decide her role in the history of the state. She is given a mission to restore the king who has been exiled by the enemy. In the voice of Jennifer Van Dyck i.e the narrator of the novel we listen to the promise that Paksenarrion makes with the fallen king.

Oath of Gold and Into the Fire also had such lines in the middle to keep the audience engaged to the story emotionally. The story has adventure, passion, serious wars and more than all of this, zeal in the main character to rise in life no matter what happens.



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