Smokin’ Seventeen

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After some missions that were not too much related to the main crime world of the city, the series is back in the mainstream. The last two or three novels were talking about the crimes but they were not linked to the underworld. For the sake of money, Stephanie Plum accepted those cases too but here a big case waits for the bounty hunter. A lot of dead bodies are found recently and the purpose of the killing has remained unknown.

The killer also never got caught on the scene but the evidence points towards one person i.e Stephanie Plum. Now the law enforcers are on her tail and she does not know why she has landed in this tough spot. Story after Four to Score and Seven Up once again goes to the thrilling mode as the clock starts ticking for Stephanie. She is on the run and to save her skin she has to catch the killer otherwise she is a total loser who will end up in jail.

Personal matters have also gone serious in her home because her mother now wants her to get married. She has two boyfriends but her mother does not like either of them rather she has another boy in mind. As for her old grandmother, the best way to get rid of all the problems is to shift from this town as well.

In this situation, author Janet Evanovich puts another problem for Stephanie in the story. The one who killed all of those whose dead bodies were found is now after Stephanie which makes her survival almost impossible. It has been a long time since we have seen Lorelei King narrate in such haste but it was the demand of the story.

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