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Adrian Selby tells us a unique story where the predator becomes the prey in its old age. Age can do tricky things especially if it is the old age when you lost your energy and the skill does not seem to help you a lot without your physical strength that grows weaker day after day.

The mercenary band confronts the same fate in its old age as there is no next generation that can take their place and can maintain the fear in the hearts of the enemies so there is nothing left for this band of skilled mercenaries except to hide and keep a low profile and survive as long as they could.

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Survival in this old age seem to be the toughest thing for the group as the enemies start hunting them one after the other and no doubt enemies are what they have in plenty as they have been killing others throughout their lives and now it’s for revenge from the other side.

There is also a survival issue in terms of budgets as well as they cannot earn with the only they once had, as no one appoints them anymore and their stone-cold steel weapons too have lost their importance in the new world. Thus the story quite wonderfully describes the generation that is dying slowly.

The only skill worthy now is the skill of hiding and their chief seems to be the most successful of all in this art. Joe Jameson’s narration is quite appropriate according to the story and the whole thing blends well with the situation and makes the story a nice thing to listen on the weekend.    

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