Special Circumstances

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A court room drama is the toughest to write because the author is not allowed to use too much of the external factors. The shifting of the too much scenes is not there which means that too much waste of time in between the change of scenes is not allowed at all. Whether it is mystery or thrill everything should be aroused by remaining within the court limits. “Lawyers are liars” is a comment often made by the people who want to take out some grudge of their own.

Sheldon Siegel’s opinion is not much different if one goes through the whole drama in detail. It’s just the first part and we are on to the story in a flash. No lengthy extra details about the secondary characters and no personal romance of the primary characters. Mike Daley the man who has played role in different suits is now working as an independent lawyer. Once he was the part of the biggest law firms in the town and now he gets the chance to take out the grudge on the same firm.

The deeper the lawyer goes the intense the situation becomes; he never knew that the firm had so many secrets buried in the closets. This series cannot be related to The Dreamer because the base of the case is entirely different. The personal enmity is also settled on the courtroom floor, quite interesting for those who have been through such scenarios or now a bit or two about law. It is just the beginning of a wonderful series that needed a lot of legal details compiled well by the author and narrated excellently by Tim Campbell.

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