Stark’s War

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Jack Campbell after three very successful series about aliens and wars between the stars now writes something that is related more to the human world. Though the war is still there but it is between groups and people that are like us.

The United States is the super power that has the hold of the whole earth now as the rest of the super powers have declined and now those who want to get out of the influence leap for the moon. The moon has changed into a human colony and people who want to get riches without the influence of the United States now assemble on the surface of the moon.

As more and more become the part of the every growing colony of the moon they become a potential threat for the world’s super power. A campaign is launched against the people of the moon by the US and Ethan Stark is selected for the mission. Stark along with his troop goes to the moon to get hold of the satellite between the moon and the earth. Also he teaches his troop along the way the method of combat but as the mission reaches space they are forced to go against the orders of their department.

And it appears that the things start to go out of hands for everyone. The book is a real change for those who read Daughter of Dragons and Blood of Dragons , and expected the same fictional war in this latest series. The narrator too is a change one, Eric Summerer has never narrated any of the author’s works before but still the narrator has managed quite well in all respects.

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