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Robert J. Sawyer adds Mark Boyett with him in the narration of his spectacular piece of creative genius. Book gets a start with the introduction of a wormhole in space and then quickly several such artificial wormholes are discovered. With this discovery the humans start a new chapter in space exploration several ships are constructed and new voyages prove quite fruitful. One of the ships created for the exploration purpose is named Starplex that is given under the charge of Keith Lansing.

During a routine survey the director of Starplex i.e Keith discovers a new sort of vessel in the outer space. One thing is clear that the appearance of this unknown vessel is not good news for the space explorers. Vessel proves to be a sign for the intergalactic war, the humans for course were never ready for all that and they are caught unaware.

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Running is not an option because there is no way to run; the enemy has surrounded the people of the earth from every direction all of a sudden. They are using the wormholes for the fulfillment of their goals and between all of this Starplex stands as the last hope or defense line for humanity. Hominids and Calculating God had friendly aliens, here the aliens are hostile and they want to take over the whole solar system.

Thus squeezing the chances for the human race to exist in the domain they once ruled. Ending is not left incomplete this time but the author has still left ample space for another part of this book if he or the fans want more of this intergalactic war. Member Benefit

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