Stealing Sorcery

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Stealing Sorcery is part 2 of The War of Broken Mirror book series. This is authored by Andrew Rowe in his signature style. Nick Podehl just as the prequel of this book has been chosen to give the narration. After carefully evaluating his performance, it is very safe to say that he has done well in depicting the character to its full strength.

The story is about the 3 immortal sorcerers, the legendary iconic figures, who entirely toppled the Xixis Empire. Each of these sorcerers have lived for more than a century, while leaving behind them a very resourceful legacy in their own wake.

However, their kids were found not to share their immortality, and just when the first child of Theas got killed, Lydia Hastings is summoned for the investigation of the murder. She soon finds out that the sorcerers trail is left behind by some unfathomable power. She instantly realizes that some help is needed.

In this situation, Jonan, a spy from the opponent military would definitely not be an option as an ally. Further, she believes in herself as she knows that she got all the skills and the knowledge required for the purpose.

Andre Rowe fame is spanned well across this subject novel. If you want to know him closely with all his strengths as a writer, then do find time to read Six Sacred Swords and Sufficiently Advanced Magic novels as well. You will surely fell in more love with the author and the powerful narration that makes these novels, what they are.

The listeners of this audiobook will surely feel the actual emotions and events like they are happening in front of the eyes of every reader.



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