Six Sacred Swords

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Warmongering period movies depicting some great and powerful characterization is the unique selling point of the author, Andrew Rowe. This is exactly what he has done in this marvelous book, Six Sacred Swords. The creativity and message from the author became loud and clear through the most powerful narration given by Nick Podehl in this book. You will be totally connected with his voice for the entire length of over 10 hours of this book.

It doesn’t at all require a legendry sword in order to develop a legendary swordsman out of an ordinary. However, it does help at times to become one. Keras Selyrian is well on his way for having his name in the annals of legend. He fought false divinities, corrupt demigods and thieving sorcerers and let all his opponents defeated in his wake.

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But if we have a deeper look, then he still has a long way to go. He is far away from home and then Kaldwyn has for him a totally different brand of danger than he is ever used to. He is already in possession of the most powerful sword, but it is a bit damaged. Therefore, he is in the market in the search of a new one, possibly six of them this time. It was more the better kind of thing for him, really.

Andrew Rowe as an author is best known, if you go on and read a couple of his more books, especially Sufficiently Advanced Magic and On the Shoulders of Titans. Both these books along with the subject one are promising enough to quench your thirst of reading or hearing to some amazing stories.


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