Wrath of Poseidon


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    Everyone knows about the legend of the Persian king Croesus, the one who had a huge treasure and then somehow that treasure was stolen from him. Very few however in the current days believe that the story is real; among that very few is the couple of Sam Fargo and Remi. The two adventurers meet in this new story by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell where they are going to solve this old myth related to the treasure.

    It was the search for this treasure that got them engaged a decade ago but they never found the treasure. But there was one thing that they did extremely well i.e sent one of the criminals that were after them to jail. The tides have changed now because that man is out of prison now and is looking for the treasure once again.

    Wrath of Poseidon

    This time however treasure is not the only thing he lingers for, he also wants to see the Fargo family chopped down in front of his eyes. Sam Fargo and Remi are left with only one option i.e complete the mission they left incomplete because in this way they would be able to save the treasure and their own skin. Greece is where the two return and from here Scott Brick the narrator of the novel shifts gear as the story becomes a cat and mouse chase.

    Resembles Treasure and Journey of the Pharaohs in many ways but there are more love scenes in this one. The husband and wife tell us all about their first meeting and then the pleasant and placid life afterwards. They are such a perfect couple that they agree to each other in all the decisions.

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