Stone Cold

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Nobody expected the story of the Camel Club to reach such heights because the series started rather dull. More theories and less action made many fans think that action will never come to full potential in this series. David Baldacci proves everyone wrong dramatically by adding more action in these series than Daylight and Zero Day. Missions have suddenly put Stone and his men on the verge of a big war against the most dangerous man on the planet i.e Jerry Bagger.

Annabelle has deceived Jerry in a big way because of which he wants to erase her off from the face of the world. Jerry has tried a lot but has not succeeded because the girl is under the protection of the “Camel Club”. Oliver Stone thought he could handle a man like Jerry Bagger and he was right in his calculations too until Finn shows up. Finn is wanted by the law enforcing agencies on account of three murders.

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Yet the man roams freely on the streets of the city with no fear on his face. With Ron McLarty’s voice getting stronger for Finn’s character we see the emergence of a nemesis for Oliver Stone. Oliver Stone has never feared anyone but somehow he feels that Finn would bring trouble for him and his team. Finn also comes with a personal grudge it seems he knows Stone for a long time and the two have some scores to settle. Trilogy needed such attention from the author otherwise the colors of the series were fading to some extent. David has made the series strong enough to move towards another trilogy in the time to come. Member Benefit

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