Sucker Punch

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There are vampires and werewolves that Anita Blake holds dear because they possess the ability to please her in so many ways. However, this does not mean that she considers all such creatures friendly and harmless. The original nature of such devilish creatures can never be altered thus killing them is always the one single way to deal with the problem. One such case strikes Anita when she is called by the marshal who is tense because of the issue that is going on in a small town.

A young boy has suddenly developed the powers of a werewolf and as his first victim, he has chewed his uncle down. No investigation is required because there is clear evidence against the young boy, the procedure used to kill the old man also points towards a werewolf. Everyone including the local people and the cops wants to chop the boy down because of his inhuman act.

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Anita thinks that the boy is not the original culprit so she starts investigating the matter much deeper. The small town looks to have a strange connection with a dark power that lives among them. Laurell K. Hamilton creates mystery like that in Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams only change is that Anita is not fighting for herself this time.

A voice without a pause by Kimberly Alexis enhances the mystery of the novel. Not only there is a mystery but also we observe thrill as the boy is soon going to be hanged for the deed that he has never committed. It is up to Anita to save the boy and she has planned not to fail in this terrible situation.

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