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Vera Nazarian is a Russian born American novelist. She excels in writing wonder fiction and science fiction fantasy novels. She is a popular name among young adult fiction lovers including children. The author has produced a range of interesting fictional novels where a couple of top quality ones in audio format are: Win and Qualify.

Survive is a science fiction fantasy. It is very smartly written by Vera Nazarian. The book is chapter 4 of the Atlantis Grail Series. The performer of this book in audio format is Sofia Willingham. She was consistently good in the Atlantis Grail Series and also did a wonderful job narrating Survive.

The Games of Atlantis have come to a shocking halt and Gwen managed to survive the considerable ordeal but just for the moment. However, the worst hasn’t come as yet. Both the Earth and Atlantis, the colony planet now are under severe threat of annihilation. Everything and anything now is up in the air including the stunning and dire wonders seen up in the skies of Atlantean. Will, there going to be a Wedding? Will there be any good future there for Gwen Lark including her beloved, friends, and families? In short, the fate of the entire human species was in grave danger and there was not even a single moment to lose and no respite at all. The ultimate battle is just around the corner and Gwen along with all her friends are up for the greatest battle of their lives.

The novel is about surviving in the game after qualifying. Gwen Lark was quite brilliant throughout the process that asks her first to Qualify and then Compete, Win and Survive subsequently. The book is pure fun and the narration makes the audiobook so much powerful.

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