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Survivors is the 3rd installment in the Morningstar Strain novel series. The novel proves to be a great continuation right after a great ending of the 2nd chapter of the series. Survivors in fact is rated as the best novel in the entire saga. Thanks to the brilliant writing of this novel by Z. A. Recht. He was co-authored by Thom Brannan as well. The book is a horror fiction and tells a drastic story of a global pandemic that infected billions of people worldwide. The author has done some incredible work in several other novels that deserves the attention of all those who are fans of horror fiction and zombie stories. Some of his notable works include Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes.

Oliver Wyman continued with the narration in chapter 3 with the same enthusiasm just as what he did in chapter 2 of the series. It was a complete performance overall.

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Survivors brings a shattering but a highly captivating climax to the amazing postapocalyptic trilogy. It features a deadly virus that turns into a pandemic with billions of lives at stake. It had a 100 mortality rate and survival from the virus was apparently impossible but a great achievement if anyone was able to see through it alive. It created a lot of chaos where people were hoarding stuff and weapons. Vaccines was nowhere to be seen and the military was taking the charge to counter things, but no success as such.

This is so special for not being a typical zombie book and for this reason, it is highly recommended. You will love the character and story development if you compare it with the prequel. Member Benefit

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