Tell Me to Lie

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Savage love scenes and then delicate romance has garnished the series and made it a fan favorite for sure over the years. Charlotte Byrd makes the two crave for each other’s company and those who didn’t know anything about each other once cannot live without one another. Not one sided love is there now, initial parts Tell Me to Stay and Tell Me to Stop showed love from the girl’s side only. Both characters are desperate for one another and slowly and steadily they are removing the hurdles present between them.

The hurdles were hard to remove because of their magnitude but the determination has made the hurdles fall finally. Olive left Nicholas after she discovered the truth about her family and she started thinking that loving such a strange man was the biggest mistake of her life. At times she thoughts of that love as a crazy crush but the man again comes to her life intentionally once again.

Only this time he is not coming to clear the debts rather he has a personal mission. He wants to have her for a lifetime and she who claims to have forgotten all of the past love comes to the love fantasy with just a single kiss.

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Olive can lose everything for the crazy love that she has, still waiting for Nicholas in the corridors of her heart. Jennie K and Russell Newton the fan favorite ignite the fire of love through their voices and end romantically. Romance along with suspense has been the base of the series but very few have noticed that high emotions actually keep you bounded to the novel. Member Benefit

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