Ten Tiny Breaths

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Kacey the merely twenty year old girl faced a tragedy that took all her life away from her in just a second. She was travelling with her family and boyfriend when a drunken driver out of nowhere hit their car.

Kacey along with her younger sister was able to survive that deadly blow and the rest of the family including her boyfriend died in front of her. She could never forget that deadly scene that roams in front of her eyes all the time but now she has busied herself in other tasks of life such as making both ends meet.

With a younger sister in the house the twenty year old girl has a tough situation at hand because she had never thought of earning for a living in such an age. There happens to be another issue that seems more serious than earning bread and butter for herself and her sister and that is her next door neighbor. The dashing looking man with charming eyes has an appeal and he surely is attracted to Kacey in so many ways.

The more Kacey tries to get away from him the more she is attracted toward him and she cannot even tell that whether the man is good or bad. She also knows that she can borrow a helping hand of a man because life had been tough on her but then the man also seems to be keeping a secret. Since the launch of Keep Her Safe and In Her Wake, K.A. Tucker has changed the theme of the novels a little. Love is there in the stories but the crime scenes and the crime tends to dominate the novels more than the love affair. We can see Elizabeth Louise clearly paying more stress to the crime scenes in narration then the strange love that is developing between the two.

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