Terms of Enlistment

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Marko Kloos doesn’t come slow when it comes to writing the most intriguing contemporary science fiction novels. His new series by the name of Frontlines created a good repute for the author and his literary writing abilities. On top of that, the powerful and engaging narration of this novel given by Luke Daniels took it to an altogether different level.

This futuristic science fiction novel is set in the year 2108. This is the time when the North American Commonwealth is all about overflowing at the seams.

For Andrew Grayson, the welfare rat type have only got a couple of ways out of the grimy welfare and crime ridden dwellings. This is where you get restricted to a maximum of 2000 calories and that too of some poorly flavored soy on daily basis.

You can have all the hopes of winning a lucrative and money spinning lottery and get a ticket for a colony ship settling somewhere off the world. On the other end, you also have the choice of joining the service, if interested.

Andrew made his decision amid thinking about the colony lottery as a dream thing to get enlisted in the armed forces in order to get a take on the real food and also onto some retirement bonus and perhaps a ticket off Earth. But just as he went on to start his new career with all those supposedly privileges, he soon finds out that decent health care and quality food comes at a high price.

Marko Kloos has produced a number of exciting science fiction novels, which deserves your time and attention. A couple of recommended novels by the author are Lines of Departure and Angels of Attack.





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    Lines of Departure


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