That Churchill Woman


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    The Churchill Woman is a literature genre fiction novel. The author behind this beautiful novel is Stephanie Barron who crafted a top class piece of literary work here. There are a few other good novels from the author that helped her in gaining good recognition in the literary fraternity of her time. A couple of such novels written by the author are: Jane and Waterloo Map and Jane and the Wandering Eye: Being the Third Jane Austen Mystery.

    Saskia Maarleveld is the narration of That Churchill Woman novel. The narrator did an awesome job and this audiobook would make a great summer read.

    Jennie is a privileged, wealthy and an independent New Yorker. She took Victorian England by a hurricane when she actually landed on its coasts. As Randolph Churchill, she gave birth to a boy who later on defined the entire 20th century. The name of her son was Winston. But, Jennie used to rear in the Gilded Age Newport luxury and also the Paris of 2nd Empire.

    That Churchill Woman

    When the 19 year old girl said yes to marry the duke’s son who she had known for three days only then she quickly brushed up in a rapid of all British politics. Moreover, she also did the same with the social climbing of the Marlborough House Set, the uncontrolled men who bordered the Prince of Wales, Bertie.

    This is a maturely written novel by Stephanie Barron about Jenny Churchill and her life. It was quite amazing to see that what women could do for the sake of face saving and what a shame it could be. However, Jenny Churchill lived quite a happening life and this novel makes a great read.

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