The Ancients

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Saving the earth was an impossible task for the heroes but they have succeeded so far in saving everything that was important to them. Dean and Mary the two among the heroes receive promotion and they are now among the Gatekeepers.

This gives both of them an opportunity to visit other worlds that now get connected with the human world. Portals lead them to fantastic places but they are actually looking for a trace that might lead them to Theos.

Theos was an ancient race that got lost in time and space and no one has ever been able to reach it since then. In their search for clues the two Gatekeepers find some strange symbols after entering a new world through the portals.

Those ancient symbols provide Dean ample information about the lost ancient race and now he becomes sure that those mysterious people still exist in the universe. Now the question that arises in Dean’s mind is that why they were trying to keep their existence a secret from the rest of the worlds. Perhaps they were behind all of that which happened in The Event and New Threat to the human world.

Secrets get revealed and none of it brings good news for humanity. Nathan Hystad gives a new direction to the series from here on and the enemies become clear and visible to Dean and his team.

Luke Daniels through his voice paints Dean as a person under a lot of burden and threat. Dean knows that the forces he and his team confront now will not leave them easily. They have been preparing themselves for ages and the vanishing was just a part of their plan.

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