Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez


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    Ann Swinfen takes us back to the era of 1586 in which traitors are everywhere to be seen and real patriots are few and far to be seen. In this series of seven books, the writer has wonderfully described the plots against the Queen of England and how her survival proves to be vital for almost the whole world.

    Also, the people who play a noble role in order to protect the king are mentioned with proper details. In the first book, we meet Christoval Alvarez for the first time that takes the job of a code breaker in the secret service and allies him with the group that possesses noble aim as well. The second book starts in the reign of King Philip that is mostly a sea voyage and the action is mostly related to the navy that is surely not one of the best when compared with the rivals.

    Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez

    The story takes us to Portugal mission and several other historical scenes in English history. The heart tendering scenes are also there when Queen Elizabeth era is filled with the horror of childhood abuses. The writer has described all the issues of the children of that era when even the parents and the whole of society were using the children in the negative. The series at large discusses several of historical events and thus it is related to history more than just mere action. The great thing about these stories is that the writer has mentioned years along with the name of places as well to put a real taste in the whole creation.

    Jan Cramer has fulfilled the job of narrating the whole series in a heroic way as we enjoy the history is his simple and calm tone that alerts us every now and then whenever something bad is suspected.  Captain Lacey ~ Books 1-11 – Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley, and  Pieces of Her – Karin Slaughter is some other books that are good to listen to and would be enriching your imagination as well.  

    Book 1

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    Book 2

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    Book 3

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    Book 4

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    Book 5

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    Book 6

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    Book 7

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    Pieces of Her


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