The Dominion Key

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The Dominion Key is a marvelous novel written by Lee Bacon. It is a special one for kids between the age of 8 and 10, but people from other age groups could find it enjoyable as well. The book is chapter 3 of the Joshua Dread novel series from the author, which is an all in all a fictional saga. For the narration part, Maxwell Glick has given an outstanding performance.

The summer is just about to end and Joshua along with his mates including Milton, Sophie and Miranda are nearly there to start with their 7th grade. But, by the time when a trip to a mall turns into a horrible attack by a couple of goons from Phineas Vex and nFinity, then it became obvious that none of them are safe in Sheepsdale.

In order to ascertain their safety, Joshua along with his mates should look to enroll in the school for the Gyfted kids, which is by the name of Alabaster Academy. It is located somewhere in an isolated island. The place is known to have only two kinds of weather and those are rainy and then very rainy.

The Alabaster Academy is known to have every type of a super-powered student, which you could ever imagine and of course, some species of bullies were also there.

Lee Bacon is a novelist known for writing books for kids. They are mostly fictional novels, which are right as per the preference and understanding of youngsters. Many of his novels are multi-starrer, where narration itself becomes immensely important and almost always, it is very well done. A couple of his most successful novels to mention here are The Last Human and The Mystery of Alice.

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