The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Audiobook

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A unique story that you cannot believe in the first listening but it tempts you so much that you cannot resist it either. It is a story which is like a music record that keeps on repeating itself again and again without any change in the words or patterns and whatever you do whether you slow it down and a fast forward is tried the result remains the same. Harry is a person with a unique gift but he fails to comprehend the utility of it. Harry’s life restarts after his death every time he dies and more amazingly he possesses the memory of his previous lives and thus can predict his future and the future of other people who are living along with him.

The problem still remains that what can he do with this repetition when he is unable to change anything; his life is like a fix dull pattern which continues to repeat and as Harry begins to lose interest in everything a sudden change occurs when he nears the end of his 11th life a girl gives him a message for the past something which he should stop to happen or at least try to stop. The story though is a repeat of Harry’s life but each time we meet him in the next life there is a different energy in him and especially after the 11th one he is with a quest that has given a meaning to his life. Claire North has done a marvelous job in creating a whole new thing there is a movement of a person from the present to past and from past to future but it is not time traveling it is a new dimension given to time traveling. The narration of Peter Kenny is impressive and full of energy throughout.

The author also has some other storybooks for the story lovers including the collection are The Sudden Appearance of Hope, 84K, and Touch.


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    1. Can you send me me the link to, The sudden sudden appearance of Hope by Claire North the follow up book to the first fifteen lives of Harry August.


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