The Forge of Light

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Ordinary men, mages and beasts cannot contest the rule of the Master because she has a strong army now and her powers are without any limit. She has made many surrender in front of her and those who have failed to surrender just perished in front of her. The enemy who wants to stand against the Master is considered as a fool because she does not show any kind of mercy. Now the dark side has a huge army in trillions and the forces of the resistant are of no match. Sooner or later they are going down but they have hope once again in the form of the Oracle.

The Oracle must rise in order to get her birth right and for this she must devise a plan to get rid of the huge army and take her place on the throne. The thing is not easy and the only thing the remaining forces of the resistance have is belief and nothing else. The Master gives one last chance to the resistance army to bow down in front of her. Derek Perkins’ narration for the character of the Master is authoritative so that the audience can feel the power which is there in the hands of the conqueror.

Ben Hale i.e the author of the series has not taken hope away from the losing side and they in The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3 and Impact of the Fallen had hope which made them able to keep going. It was this single thing that made them able to stand against the Master in the first place and here they have reached a point from which they just cannot go back.

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    Impact of the Fallen

    Captured by a Laird


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