The Forgotten Warrior

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MacLeod Andrews moves on in narrating the series loaded with warriors by Erin Hunter, series is not coming to the epic conclusion yet, but war is near. Dark forest tried to influence Ivypaw in Night Whispers but she was lucky to escape their evil plans. Still the spirits of the Dark Forest have not left their agenda and they are consistently working on it. Gaining more and more power everyday they are actually planning to take over the four clans in a single blow.

Only the three chosen in the light of an old prophesy stand in the way of the devilish desire. ThunderClan faces an attack this time by the WindClan. Sol a fox first comes out of the tunnels for spying purpose and then when it is chased by Dovewing in runs back to its den. During the chase Dovewing too gets trapped but is saved by Hollyleaf. On his return to the surface HollyLeaf trains the people of the clan against the upcoming calamity. Thus Lionblaze and Dovewing with the help of HollyLeaf once again save their clan from a deadly attack. Fight really becomes deadly this time and we see all the action that was missing in Sign of the Moon.

Also ThunderClan would have lost this war if the long forgotten warrior would not have showed his face in the correct time. It was HollyLeaf who taught the whole clan the skills that were needed to face the enemy that was coming to hunt them down. This was the second last book of the series and here the stage is set for the final performance of the heroes.




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