The Fourth Apprentice

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Erin Hunter’s world has the tendency to appeal anyone whether he or she is a fiction lover or not. Words that are put in the mouth of the characters look so real that the listener for a moment forgets that he is listening to a fiction series. Story starts in summer this time and apparently everything is fine among the four clans but still they gather because a big problem is appearing. Draught is making the life of the residents terrible this time and no one knows why all of this is happening.

Water of the stream has almost ended and the four clans are with their last supply of water after which they would be forced to migrate if the solution is not found. Lionblaze shows his concern for the clans and in the meantime he hears Dovepaw’s alarming information. According to her there are creatures that are building a dam up the stream and that are the cause of the draught.

However no one believes her because they cannot see any such creature with their own eyes. Lionblaze at this point talks about prophesy according to which heroes would emerge to save the four clans. Dovepaw according to Lionblaze has the power to see distant things that the others cannot see. Thus the mission gets started and after a few failures the dam is destroyed and the water does returns to the land. MacLeod Andrews narrates the fight scenes in the clans exceptionally well.

Jayfeather’s character is specially given good detailed time till the end when he meets Lionblaze again. Into the Wild and Fire and Ice are highly praised books but it is good to listen to the next parts of this series along with the first part. Every part is just superbly written and narrated, though not a lot of hidden secrets are there in Erin’s works but still his style keeps the interest alive throughout.




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