The Girl in the Glass Tower

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The Girl in the Glass Tower is a super exciting novel that Elizabeth Fremantle. Not just among the female novelists, but overall, Elizabeth has proved her mettle as a fine novelist, regardless of gender. It is a historical fiction novel. The narration of this novel is a team affair, where the members are Emily Watson and Rachael Stirling. Both of them have done a fantastic job and were highly appreciated from audience.

This gripping historical thriller is set in the time of a chaos that led to the tragic death of Elizabeth I.

Tudor England. The unpleasant and the unwanted word of “treason” is on the lips of everyone. Niece to Mary, Arbella Stuart, Queen of Scots and finally the presumed successor to Elizabeth I has spent all her childhood and youth right behind the Hardwick Hall’s towering windows.

As a presumed or an understood successor leading to the throne, Arbella Stuart isolation actually means that she need protection. Anyone who is close of getting the crown are never assumed to be safe at all.

The writer and poet by the name of Aemilia Lanyer used to enjoy the independence, which was earlier denied to Arbella. There was no possible way that their paths could every cross in life. But, by the time Aemilia got enlisted by Arbella in order help her for the sake of bidding for freedom, she went on to risk her very own future.

Getting trapped in the schemes of another woman, Aemilia is required to live carefully or share the dreadful fate of herself.

Elizabeth Fremantle has several other top tier novels to her credit, where a couple of recommended ones are The Posion Bed and Sisters of Treason.




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