The Green Mile Audiobook

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The Green Mile By Stephen King

You will find Frank Muller (The narrator) doing complete justice with all the characters of this story, by giving emotions with his powerful voice. The Stephen King, as always is found to be at his best in depicting the descriptions of the characters in such a way so that it looks that they had a vivid reality. The story revolves around the character of John Coffey, his miseries, and innocence. The story is emotional and you will find yourself so connected that dropping a tear near the end of the story would be a normal thing for you to experience.

The Green Mile By Stephen King

The main character with his act kept everyone around him so concerned, yet the misery was endless for John Coffey. The movie with the same name was a huge success and even after watching that, you would still feel like listening to the audiobook over and over again.

You will love the book from all its dynamics, starting from narration, characterization and having a very methodical approach. The compelling storyline would never let you go wrong with this story at all. You might witness some artificial suspense right in the middle of some critical scene but that too never let the plot of the storyline to dip by any means. Further, you could go for some massive treat by listening to his other famous audiobooks, such as The Bag of Bones, Riding the Bullet. Read it to believe it.


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