The Idle System: The New Journey

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A LITRPG Series, Book 1

A story that reveals the inner desires of a man and also his unconquerable zeal to achieve the impossible at any cost is what Pegaz A presents to us in the most extraordinary fashion. The story also carries a lust for immortality as every human being wants to get that godly power with which it can rule the world and conquer whatever stands in its way.

However, the price is always too high for an ordinary human being to pay that’s why he fails in getting the supreme power of immortality.

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John, however, coming to life again comes to know that he has been given another chance to live his life according to his dreams and he shows his readiness to pay whatever price required for this second chance, the price that is asked or the bidding that he faces make him commit sins that he cannot reverse and deeds that make a whole kingdom his enemy and on his tale all the time for revenge.

The story also has quite well written and associated two parts The Idle System: The Birth and The Idle System: The Rogues that take John’s story much further. The characters of the story are all one of a kind and the worlds that the writer has created surely grips the listener and makes him listen to the whole series.

The element of revenge is highlighted to a great extent and secondly, the series tests the toughness of a man against all the odds of the world. Roman Howell’s narration also mingles well with the fantasy and it suits well with the characters and the situations. 


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