King’s Gate


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    Fantasy full of all the things that you can imagine, beautiful women, elves, demons that can rip your soul apart and monsters that can scare you in the night. The novel also has some corrosive language that’s why it is not suitable for children under teenage.

    However, the story is written in a strong way with imaginations that are bound to impress you especially when you see the shift of scene from the ordinary world to the imaginative world. Alex Burke a common security guard finds himself in another world as he travels through a teleportation gate without knowing and finds himself among creatures that don’t like him.

    King's Gate

    He also does not like the place but then in order to survive, he had to adapt to the new situation and the new world instead of going insane. He for his own survival shows readiness to do anything, even killing does not seem to be a tough job to him especially when there is no police and law that can arrest you for your ill-doings.

    This is a nice beginning to the new series and reminds us about the writer’s other series on the same pattern like Gears of Troy and Forever Young 3. Daniel Pierce presents a picture of the unknown worlds that we cannot forget. The description always possesses the use of strong words and catchy phrases that keep the listener interested.

    The narrator’s job is skillfully tackled by Alexander Cendese who has surely done justice with this fabulous first part of this brilliant series. The tone and the pitch go up and down according to the scenes and provide the much-needed sensation to the listener. 

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