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The Tokybook community is proud to introduce the latest installment in “The Last Horizon” series – “Knight’s Gambit”, a story about a brave knight who stands up to protect worlds from various threats.

“As the Knight of The Last Horizon, I challenge you.”

The Last Horizon has already sown new legends across the galaxy, tales of monsters defeated and worlds saved. Their reputation is spreading, for better and for worse.

Their enemies have taken notice.

On Karosha, the Perfected gather fleets crewed by inhumanly flawless soldiers. In the Galactic Union, the secretive organization known as Solstice pulls strings in the shadows. And in the depths of Dark Space, after years of silence, the ravenous D’Niss begin to stir.

Raion Raithe, Knight of The Last Horizon, sees these threats as an opportunity to redeem himself. He will stand against the danger, and he will stand strong, no matter the cost.

His friends are counting on him.

With its captivating storytelling, relatable characters, and rich fantasy world, “Knight’s Gambit” promises to be an unmissable adventure for fans of science fiction and action. The complex plot and profound philosophical aspects make the work appealing to even the most discerning readers.

The Tokybook community cordially invites you to explore our diverse audiobook library, where you can find “Knight’s Gambit” and many other fascinating works. With the vivid narration of talented performers, you will be completely immersed in the world of The Last Horizon. Join us on a journey to conquer the galaxy, face daunting challenges, and discover the true meaning of courage. With Tokybook, incredible space adventures await you.



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