The Witching Hour


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This is an epic science fiction fantasy novel written by Anne Rice. The Witching Hour is the opening chapter of Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel series. Narration of this novel is a strong part and gave a grand opening to this series. Narration of this novel is done by Kate Reading.

Anne Rice is a big name in the literary world and she once again impressed all her audience by demonstrating a spellbinding story. She just brought to reality the great and unforgettable dynasty of 4 centuries of witches. It is actually a family given away to incest and poetry, philosophy and murder. It is that family, which over time has been haunted itself through a dangerous, powerful and seductive being known as Lasher. Lasher is someone with the repute of haunting the women in Mayfair.

The Witching Hour

The Mayfair Family takes the center stage in this ghost story. A daughter from every generation of the Mayfair Family get taken as the Designee. She is actually the Matriarch of the future generation, she is the beneficiary of the Mayfair fortune and most critical of all, she is a witch.

Anne Rice in this novel has mesmerized her listeners by challenging anything and everything that they actually believe in. She has negated a lot of our beliefs and fears, while captivated all of us in her imaginary world.  In short, it is a sprawling and a huge horror story.

Interview with the Vampire and The Queen of the Damned novels are also written by Anne Rice. Both these recommended novels are science fiction fantasy novels and you will be stunned right at the start of their audio narration and will continue with the same feeling till the end.


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