The Last Apprentice: Slither (Book 11)

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Now, the Slither- the last apprentice is another novel in the fantasy and horror genre which has been written beautifully by the Auther Joseph Delaney and is narrated by Christopher Evan Welch and Angel Goethals with all the voice impacts you may ever need to enjoy an audio version of a novel.

This novel will bring all the thrills and chills you could ever enjoy with the monsters and the terrifying characters that will make sure you get into the experience in a unique way that will keep you thinking all about happenings till the end.The listeners would find it hard to escape through the story as the nightmare continues and the bloody adventures continue as you get through the story.

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The whole story has been written in a very actively creative thrilling way that assure you will not be able to resist the events and the strong characters that will capture the imagination and will get the listeners into the story to enjoy the real thrill and the emotions, the fears and the horror that is there for everyone who needs it.

It is all about the wonderful composition of the story and the continuous thrilling events that keep the story interesting yet horrifying for the readers and the listeners who may enjoy the sound and the story in combination with their imagination that may make them feel like a part of the story as well.

There are many other stories to continue with including The Gone World – Thomas Sweterlitsch and The Good Lawyer: A Novel – Thomas Benigno. And these are also one of the best thrilling novels that people always have enjoyed when they need to nurture their imagination and fantasy world and have a horror-filled story supplement.

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