The Last Hero

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Last hero of the Discworld i.e Cohen starts his last quest but this quest could also bring an end to the Discworld as well. Cohen lost many of his friends in battlefield over the years and now he thinks that their fate was better than his.

He has grown old and this could not be the fate of a warrior, thus he along with the other warriors of his age launches his last campaign against the gods. He thinks that the gods are the reason behind his current state and he should make one last stand against them for their doings. All of these warriors know what happened to the first warrior who ever stood against the gods and stole fire from them.

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The name of that warrior was Fingers and after he was found guilty he was tied to a rock, since then every day an eagle eats his flesh tearing piece after piece. But these warriors have fire in their possession and they are ready to attack the place where the gods live. That same place works as a pillar for the Discworld and if it is destroyed the whole world will collapse for sure.

The old warriors don’t think about all of that they are just too angry on becoming old. Stephen Briggs narrates a band of foolish old guys in this novel who have gone mad because of their current state. They don’t take age as a process rather they think that gods have done injustice to them.

Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad were crazy stories but this one is crazier as compared to them. Terry Pratchett just takes a thing from everyday life and puts it into his Discworld after which it comes out as a totally changed philosophy. Member Benefit

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