The Last Thing I Saw

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Past as the basic ingredient of life is surely proved in the story. As the story is based on flashbacks that make the story more and more clear to us. Alex Sinclair has described the frustration of a woman who has lost everything she once had in a moment and the most tragic thing is that she does not know what happened to her and her family because of which she was in such a state and all her family members were not with her anymore.

Emma the main character at the beginning had all the blessings of living in a big home, caring husband and a son that made her home a perfect one but the day she finds herself in the hospital there was nothing left around her and she had no clue about anything. A heart touching story of stress, anxiety, tragedy, and isolation. Emma’s mind because of her isolation from her family plays differently she starts weaving different things in her mind. She at the start is with a hope of seeing her family very soon but as the story progresses and her visions of the past start becoming more and more clear her desire and hope of seeing her perfect family begins to fade away.

Emma must find a way out of her stressed condition in order to move further in life with a positive approach with which she would be able to solve her case as well. The narration by Kate Handford has successfully dramatized the troubled woman Emma and has presented the whole thing brilliantly with the same intensity that was needed for such a story.

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