The Last to Die

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The Cherokee Pointe series continues with its mysteries in this second tale after a successful opening novel The Fifth Victim that surely amazes us by the development of its story, this one is also a must read item by Beverly Barton who creates mystery out of nowhere. We as listeners are bound to appreciate the words, the dialogues and the personality of the characters presented by the writer.

The narrator is the same this time which was the right thing to do as Marguerite Gavin did a nice job in the first book and thus knows about the series and the motives of the writer quite well. The killer this time is even more sadistic than the previous one as he kills for personal hatred and nothing else.

The first dead body that appears on the scene is of Jamie Upton the man with a connection to different people including a girl with a bit corrupt past. It is apparent from the scene that the killer wanted some personal revenge of some sort that’s why he enjoyed the killing and the making the dead body a horrible sight that an ordinary person cannot bear.

Jazzy Talbot the girl from the wrong side is first considered to be the criminal but she cannot commit such a hideous act as she is just a poor little girl and more to the amazement of the FBI the killer strikes again and again even when Jazzy is under their arrest. The novel is with many suspects that make it more interesting as ever.

We can also read the third part As Good as Dead along with this one to complete the trilogy, though the series is not interconnected but still the chapters a worth to read if you are interested in mysteries that make you feel creepy all the time until you have solved them and that, of course, could be done if you reach the end of the book.



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    The Fifth Victim

    As Good as Dead


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