The Lost Planet

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Captain Maddox’s last voyage becomes big for the man in the sixth book of the Lost Starship series. The Swarm Fleet approaches and it is search of a technology that might prove enough for the destruction of earth within no time. Though many think that it was just a myth as no one can travel thousand light years in a second but if it proves true than the one who possesses the technology will be like god in the man world.

The Star Watch also needs something against this and Professor Ludendorff is of the view that he has gained success in discovering the ancient Builder technology. The place where it all lies is far away from Earth and because of its importance Maddox is selected for the task as this appears to be the only way they would be able to stand a chance against the enemies. The path however is not easy as the route is filled with many traps and the captain is in need of all his best men performing to their true potential.

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The writer Vaughn Heppner has painted the picture of the voyages in an astounding way the audience is gripped by the scene that it views along with the voyage. It is much better than The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova in description and narration which is once again done by Mark Boyett.

Race against time situation makes the current novel a thriller too though that was never the intention of the writer but still the impact of thrill is not bad at all. The swarm like always is a threat that provides an awesome picture. Member Benefit

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