The Nano Flower

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Peter F. Hamilton brings the truth behind all the happenings to the scene and that’s been his style in these short series. Mindstar Rising introduced Greg Mandel and his team who works against those who are in search of massive power source. During their missions, the team came face to face with the murder of Dr Edward in A Quantum Murder whose lungs were spread out of his chest. The entire search for the power source ends here when Julia Evans receives a Nano Flower after the disappearance of her husband. From power production business the husband and wife have earned a lot over the span of fifteen years.

They together revolutionized the way of power production but now their old rivals have invented a better way and the company receives a major setback. Julia looks more concerned about her husband rather than the company, her husband has been missing for many days now. In the meanwhile she gets the Nano Flower that has an advanced technology hidden inside it.

It could be from her husband or perhaps an alien who has captured her husband. Greg Mandel accepts the case in a flash because he has been on a hunt for all this technology business for a long time.

Whether it is an alien or a human behind this entire thing he is not getting away this time from the battalion. Toby Longworth’s narration had ten times more force in it for the trilogy. Toby enjoyed narrating this fantasy a lot; it was not his first time with any fantasy but looks like the series touched his heart to the core.

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