The Orphan Master’s Son

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It has been a longtime since we have heard about North Korea and the people related to it. Adam Johnson takes us to the other part of the world where dictatorship is still on the rise. Things happen differently as compared to the other parts of the world. Jun Do an orphan is raised in a camp where his clear intentions allow him a safe passage to the higher ranks.

The boy is always keen and means business; he loyal to his work only and never leaves something unfinished no matter how hard it is. Jun knows that once gone deep into the society of the upper class there is no return for him but the boy is ready. He thinks that he is born for such kind of works and now is the chance to join in.

He kills, kidnaps and whatever lawless activity ordered by his masters. The humanity is still there in the boy and when he sees the naïve actress in trouble he was unable to control his emotions. He saves her without a second thought about the consequences that could end up with his extermination even. So the war starts between him and the people that have raised him and taught him all the tricks of the business.

Totally different if analyzed in comparison with Fortune Smiles there was nothing like this in it. Adam Johnson himself has narrated the novel along with the team of Tim Kang, James Kyson Lee and Josiah D. Lee. There are some places where the sounds seem to be mixing up but still the words are clear and understandable.

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